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Grants Recently Awarded

Pasold Grant Awards 2012-14
Over £1000
Elisha Renne, University of Michigan, USA
Textile Production and Trade Ascendancies: China and Northern Nigeria
Alice, Dolan, University of Hertfordshire, UK
The Fabric of Life: Linen and Life Cycle in English Daily Life, 1678-1810 (PhD Bursary)
Fiona Ffoulkes, University of Southampton, UK
The changing role of the fashion merchant (marchande de modes) in Paris, 1795-1855 (PhD Bursary)
Giulia Galastro, University of Cambridge, UK
The Fabric of Early Modern Genoa, c.1540-1670 (PhD Bursary)
Valerie Garver, Northern Illinois University, US
The Meanings and Uses of Dress and Textiles in the Carolingian Word, c. 715 –c. 925
Between £501 - £1000
Frances Pritchard, Whitworth Art Gallery, UK
Crafting Textiles from the Bronze Age to AD 1600: a tribute to Peter Collingwood
Christine Guth, RCA/V&A, UK
Hand-crafted sewing needles in Early Modern Japan
Peter Maw, University of Leeds, UK
The supply of British textiles to Virginia and Maryland, 1750-1826
Alexandra Lester-Makin, University of Manchester, UK
For a contribution in: Anna Henderson and Gale R. Owen-Crocker (eds), Making Sense of the Bayeux Tapestry: Readings and Reworkings (Manchester University Press, 2015).
Maria Judith Feliciano, Independent Scholar, US
Medieval Textiles in Iberia and the Mediterranean
Magdalena Ohrman, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK
Archive visit to Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (Munich) for Textile Reflections: Terminology of Roman Weaving: Pecten case study
Joan E Taylor, King’s College London, UK
Textiles from Qumran
Margarita Gleba, University of Cambridge, UK
The Fabric of Life: Approaches to Textile Resources, Economy and Production in Ancient Italy
Up to £500
Dominique Cardon, CIHAM/UMR 5648 CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research), Lyons, France
Explorations into natural dyes
Elisabeth Gernerd, University of Edinburgh, UK
Pulled Tight and Gleaming: the Stocking’s Position within Eighteenth-Century Masculinity
Sonia Ashmore, V&A, UK
Research project on Shawls
Christoph Kremer, University of Leiden, Netherlands
Research in Northern Italy
E-J Scott, University of Brighton, UK
The Forgotten Pennington-Mellor Collection of House of Worth Haute Couture c.1885- 1914
Sophie White, University of Notre Dame, US
Anglo-American Textile Histories: Cross-cultural Exchange and Trade
Katherine Elliott, V&A, UK
Clothing Soldiers: Development of an organised system of production and supply of military clothing in England between 1645 and 1708
Elizabeth-Anne Haldane, V&A, UK
Chinese painted silks for the European market in the Victoria and Albert Museum: Conservation treatment developments
Sophie Littlewood, University of York, UK
Disseminating Dress: Britain and the World
Over £1000
Susan Jones, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
Living Threads: Bedouin Weaving in Jordan – The oral history of ground loom weaving past and present, as told by three generations of Bedouin women
Emily Orr, RCA/V&A Museum, UK
Dressing a New Interior: the Development of Department Store Display, 1880-1920 (PhD Bursary)
Alexis Romano, Courtauld Institute of Art, UK
Constructions of ‘Modern’ Design, 1952-1973: Prêt-à-porter, Paris, and the Image of Women PhD Bursary)
Katherine Anne Wilson, University of Chester, UK
Luxury Textiles and Objects of the Burgundian Dominions 1363-1477
Maria Wronska-Friend, James Cook University, Australia
Th. S. Raffles and the beginnings of Javanese batik production in Europe
Between £501 - £1000
Linda Brassington, University for the Creative Arts at Farnham, UK
The history of ‘blueprint’ in Slovakia
Miriam Ali de Unzaga, University of Edinburgh, UK
Interpreting Sartorial Language: Eighteenth‐Century Underwear and Accessories
Alison Brown, University of Aberdeen, UK
Blackfoot War Shirts: Repatriating and Reclaiming Traditional Knowledge and Practices through Art
Rachel Silberstein, Merton College, Oxford, UK
Between the workshop and the village: producing commercial embroidery in late Qing China
Celilie Broens, The National Museum of Denmark, Denmark
Halourgous/halourgos – colour or material? An analysis of documentary sources from ancient Greece and Rome
Laura Gowing, King’s College, London, UK
Women Textile Apprentices in Late Seventeenth-century London
Lynda Hillyer, Independent scholar, UK
An investigation into historical techniques of dyeing with chay root (Oldenlandia Umbellata) on kalamkari textiles produced in India from the 16th-19thC
Up to £500
Lisa Monnas, Independent researcher, UK
Some Colour Terms for Medieval Textiles’, article for the journal Medieval Clothing and Textiles
Amanda Phillips, University of Birmingham, UK
Technical Analysis of Four Ottoman Velvets at the Musem für angewandt Kunst, Vienna
Keren Protheroe, Kingston University, UK
Drawing as Craft: Women Designers and the Royal Society of Art Textile Design Competitions in the 1920s
Tatiana Delany, University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion, UK
Nostalgia masquerading as modernity: Innovation and Tradition, the use of Harris Tweed in the fashion industry
Rosemary Shepherd, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia
Early Lace Analysis at the Powerhouse
Hilary Davidson, Independent scholar, Australia
Grave Emotions: Textiles and Clothing from 19th Century London Cemeteries
Margarita Gleba, University College London, UK
Fibre Revolutions: Change and Innovation in Textile Materials and Production in the Ancient Old World
Christina Bates, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canada
From Blue to Pink to White:  the Significance of Colour in the Nurse’s Uniform
Over £1000
Alexis Romano, Courtauld Institute of Art, UK
Constructions of ‘Modern’ Design, 1952-1973: Prêt-à-porter, Paris, and the Image of Women (PhD bursary)
Elisabeth Gernerd, University of Edinburgh, UK
Interpreting Sartorial Language: Eighteenth-Century Underwear and Accessories (PhD bursary)
Timothy Carroll, University College London, UK
Shifting Ontologies of Fabric: Textile, Material and the Making of Heaven in the Holy Orthodox Church (PhD bursary)
Danae Tankard Singleton, Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, UK
Cutting your Cloth
Kerstin Dross-Krupe, Universität Marburg, Germany
Everyday dress in Greco-Roman Egypt
Between £500 - £1000
Colleen Kriger, University of North Carolina, USA
Textile Manufacture and Trade in Seventeenth-century West Africa: The Ulmer Museum Robes
Pedro Machado, Indiana University, USA
Support for conference Cloth and Commerce: Understanding Indian Economic History
Karen Harvey, University of Sheffield, UK
Men of Parts, Shapes and Style: Men’s Leg Wear in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Helene Thian, London College of Fashion, UK
Moss Garden:  Japonism in the Designs of Kansai Yamamoto for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust
Up to £500
John Peter Wild, University of Manchester, UK
Analysis of Vindolanda Roman Carpet (VIN85 30)
Peter Scott, University of Reading, UK
A Century of Woolworths in Britain and Ireland
Elizabeth Kutesko, Coutauld Institute of Art, UK
Representations of Moroccan Dress in National Geographic, 1906-1996
Serena Dyer, University of York, UK
Dressing the Beau Monde: Sociability, Fashion and business in Eighteen-Century London and Yorkshire (MA bursary)
Sara Skillen, Independent scholar, UK
Percy Savage and his role in Paris Couture 1951-1965: Issues of the Creation and Organisation of Public Relations Systems
Ekaterina Oicherman, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
Project on ‘Binding Auto/biographies’
Miriam Ali de Unzaga, Independent scholar, UK
Embroidered Politics: Andalusi and Castilian Biographies in the Oña’s textile
Fiona McDonald, University College London, UK
Woolen Trade Blankets in Contemporary Art: tracing out the personal and social politics of art and material culture in Canada, the USA, and Aotearoa New Zealand
Kerstin Droß-Krüpe, Universität Marburg, Germany
Textile trade and distribution in antiquity
Uthra Rajgopal, Independent scholar, UK
‘The Real Thing?': the Value of Authenticity and Replication for Investigation and Conservation